It's Hot Out. That Means It's Time To Get Your Home Heating Oil Delivered

28 August 2023
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It's summer, it's still hot, and that means it's a great time to have home heating oil delivered. Getting your supply of heating oil now ensures that you won't have to deal with the rush in the fall. It's also time to have maintenance done to ensure the heating oil supply stays safe while you wait for colder weather. 

Do It Now Before Everyone Starts Calling

If you live in a region where heating oil is the main source of home heating fuel (as opposed to natural gas or electricity), there will be a day when everyone around you realizes they need to get their heating oil supply for the winter. Calling then, along with everyone else, can be a mess. It can take a while to find a company with appointment times that match up with your schedule, to begin with, and trying to do that when appointments are filling up fast is not pleasant. Call now, and even if everyone else has the same idea, you'll have enough time before cold weather arrives that any delay won't be a problem.

Prices May Be Cheaper When There's No Demand

Chances are the price of home heating oil will be cheaper when there's little demand. You don't want to try to get your main delivery of oil when everyone else is competing for the same supplies. The price can go up, the appointment times can become scarce, and you can become frustrated at not being able to get the oil you need. This is a straightforward task where all you have to do is order, pay, and be home to let the delivery person access the tank. 

It's a Good Time for Tank Maintenance Too

Before you have the tank filled with heating oil, you might want to have a heating oil company check out the tank and ensure it's in good shape. Whether you have an aboveground tank or one that's buried, have the heating oil company (or a company that focuses on maintaining the tanks) check everything out and ensure they can't see anything that looks like it needs repair. You don't want to fill up the tank only to find that part of it is starting to rust out, for example. This is another reason to take care of things now. You have time to fix them before you really need the tank filled.

A home heating oil company will deliver oil all year round if they have the supply. Contact a local heating oil company to learn more.