Four Features to Look for When Choosing a Commercial Espresso Machine

2 February 2022
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Are you getting ready to invest in a new commercial espresso machine for your business? Here are a few features to look for when comparing your options: 

PID Controller

One important feature to look for when comparing commercial espresso machines is a PID temperature controller. This will allow you to maintain exact temperatures while making espresso for your customers to ensure a perfect cup of coffee every time. Without a PID temperature control, you will have to rely on your machine's thermostat to maintain temperatures. The thermostat turns on and off as it detects heat loss and gain, so temperatures fluctuate rapidly. PID controls utilize an algorithm to maintain temperatures without turning the thermostat on and off so that you get more consistent brewing results.  

Automatic Cleaning Functions

Taking the time to clean your espresso machine manually can be costly as time goes on. If the machine needs to be cleaned during business hours, you will lose money on espresso sales until the cleaning is complete. If the machine needs cleaning after your business closes, you'll have to pay an employee to clean it when you could have sent them home instead.

Choosing a commercial espresso machine with automatic cleaning functions will allow you to keep the machine clean all day long without an employee having to stop what they're doing to clean it out themselves. You will still have to clean the machine out manually sometimes, but much less frequently than if the machine didn't have auto cleaning functionality.

Programmable Settings

If your business offers specific espresso recipes on your menu, you'll want to take advantage of programmable settings. Many commercial espresso machines on the market feature programmable settings, which will allow you to program espresso recipes into them so that your employees only have to push one button to make the recipes. Some machines come with two setting options, while others feature a dozen. Consider the number of specialty recipes you sell to determine the number of programmable settings you will need.

A Durable Design

Another important feature to look for in a new espresso machine for your business is a durable overall design. No parts of the machine should be made of plastic, aside from maybe the control handles. The base should feature rubber skid-proof legs to ensure stability. The machine itself should be made of durable stainless steel or similar material to ensure longevity. The machine should also come with a warranty for financial protection against defects and malfunctions. 

Investing in the right commercial espresso machine is important, and hopefully, these tips helps you make this decision.