How To Use A Rented Beam Lift Safely

1 November 2021
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Using a beam lift is a good way to deal with heavy and unstable objects. You can rent a beam lift if you need to use one temporarily, and an equipment rental service should assist you with picking out a beam lift and setting it up on your job site. Of course, safety is always of the utmost importance when you're working with any type of lifting equipment, including beam lifts. You can keep yourself, your employees, and those in the surrounding area safe when working with a beam lift if you follow these tips.

Choose the Right Beam Lift for the Job

Many companies that offer beam lifts for rent offer a variety of different beam lifts for you to choose from. Some are smaller and are meant to be used in smaller spaces, but these often aren't quite as strong as some of the bigger beam lifts. If you're dealing with big, heavy items, then you'll want to choose a bigger beam lift. You should talk to someone from the rental company about the items that you'll be hoisting with the beam lift; if you provide them with measurements and approximate weights of these items, they'll help you choose a beam lift that can safely and effectively handle the job.

Make Sure the Beam Lift is Set Up Properly

Next, you should make sure that your beam lift is set up properly. If you're using the beam lift with your crane, then you'll need to be sure that your crane is in good condition and that it's set up on a stable surface. The beam lift should be properly secured to prevent any accidents. If you need help with getting the beam lift set up, don't be afraid to ask. Someone from the rental company should help.

Make Sure Employees Are Briefed

Your employees should be properly briefed about how to use the beam lift safely. Those who will be operating the beam lift should get the proper training about how to handle the controls and how to safely use the beam lift. They should also be supplied with proper safety gear. Others who will be working in the area should be warned about staying away from the area where the beam lift is being operated, just in case something goes wrong.

Using a beam lift is a safer way of dealing with large, heavy, and unstable items in many situations. However, there are some dangers that you have to worry about. If you and your employees follow these tips, though, you should be able to use the beam lift in the safest manner possible.

For more information about beam lifts for rent, contact a local rental company.