3 Types Of Sanitary Clamp Fittings

22 December 2020
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In water systems where purity is essential, only sanitary pipes and fittings should be used. These unique pipes and fittings are engineered to withstand contamination over time. One of the most common types of sanitary fitting in use today is the clamp.

Sanitary clamps come in several different designs, allowing you to select the clamp that is best suited to meet your connection needs as you create a sanitary water delivery system.

1. Three Segment Clamps

Many people find that three segment clamps can be very valuable when building a sanitary water system. These clamps feature additional hinges that help increase their flexibility. This can become an extremely valuable asset when you are trying to maneuver in tight spaces while installing vital sanitary components. Further, three segment clamps are very durable, and they can withstand quite a bit of pressure while retaining their integrity over time.

2. Double Bolt Clamps

If you are installing a high-pressure sanitary water delivery system, you will need fittings that are designed to handle exposure to high pressures over an extended period of time. As such, the double bolt clamp is the best clamp fitting for high-pressure applications. These clamps don't have hinges. Instead, they are formed by joining two separate pieces with a bolt on either side.

The elimination of hinges and the introduction of a second bolt make it easier to create a snug fit between pipes and your double bolt clamps. The tighter these components fit, the better your sanitary system will be able to withstand constant high-pressure water movement.

3. Squeeze Clamps

Another unique type of sanitary fitting is the squeeze clamp. This clamp can be opened by squeezing together two small handles on one end of the clamp. A bolt is then fitted through the opposite end of the clamp once installation is complete. Many people find squeeze clamps useful because they can be operated one-handed. This makes it possible for a single worker to support pipe ends while creating a solid seal with a squeeze clamp.

You will need to ensure that you are selecting a squeeze clamp with a pressure rating that exceeds your sanitary system pressure. This will prevent extreme water pressure from causing the squeeze clamp to fail over time.

Sanitary fittings play an important role in the design and construction of any sanitary water delivery system. Be sure that you are selecting the right clamps for any sanitary system projects you undertake in the future. Contact a company that provides sanitary fittings for more information.