Tubular Scaffolding Safety

9 October 2020
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Tubular scaffolding is versatile and allows you to create many different configurations. Renting tubular scaffolding can give your project a great boost as the scaffolding structure — when constructed properly — is stable and secure. Like other scaffolds, however, tubular scaffolding does have its safety requirements. These are simple, but if you ignore them, you could have a mess on your hands. Much of the safety, in addition to the regular issues like paying attention to load limits, focuses on weight distribution and part compatibility.

Stick With One Manufacturer

Tubular scaffolding allows you to create a number of constructions with different parts. Use parts from the same manufacturer. While you could conceivably use different parts from different manufacturers, each manufacturer will have its own equipment and its own tolerance ranges. If you mix parts with different tolerances, even by a small amount, the overall scaffold structure can be more unsteady and less safe. It shouldn't be difficult to get parts from the same manufacturer even if you rent parts of the scaffolding at different times.

Make It Bottom-Heavy

Tubular scaffolding platforms can be freestanding — they don't have to be right up against a building. That means they are inherently more unsteady unless you brace them well. Make the structure bottom-heavy. Brace toward the bottom of the scaffold, close to the ground, and try not to add too much weight to the upper levels of the scaffold. A heavier bottom will help keep the scaffolding upright and steady, especially if strong winds are present. You want people on the scaffold to feel safe.

Load Distribution Is Just as Important as Load Limit

Each scaffold has a load limit, which is the maximum amount of weight that the scaffold can safely hold. You also need to be aware of load distribution, not just from top to bottom but horizontally as well. Don't pile heavy supplies on the top platform on one side, for example. Spread them out so the weight is more balanced. Any uneven weight distribution can affect the scaffold's stability.

Of course, tubular scaffolding can be very stable, and mentions of instability here are relative. Still, you need to pay attention to everything. One pound's worth of material might not matter, but a pound here and there really add up. Be sure you know what the load limits are, and make sure the structure will be on level ground.

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