Use Light Duty Plastic Sheeting To Aid In A Variety Of Applications

17 August 2020
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Spills are likely to occur when performing upgrades inside and outside of your residence and unexpected messes could result in a project taking longer than desired. Purchase some bulk light-duty clear plastic sheeting and use it to aid in various applications. 

Lay Down Sheeting For Paint Projects

Painting the inside or the outside of your home involves more than applying paint over an existing paint job. Walls or siding needs to be cleaned, chipped, and patched prior to having fresh paint applied. Plastic sheeting can be used as a barrier that will collect both liquid and dry components that drop down during the preparation or painting process. If you purchase light-duty sheeting in bulk from an industrial equipment supplier, you will have plenty of plastic on hand to complete many home renovation projects.

Plastic sheeting will act as a seal after a paint can is opened. Because it can be difficult to pry off a paint can lid, you may want to switch to the plastic sheeting method, which will eliminate the need to repeatedly secure and remove a lid to a paint can and will prevent spillage when actively painting or transporting a can by hand.

The sheeting will also protect the paint from foreign materials, such as leaves or precipitation. During each phase of the painting project, lay large sheets of plastic sheeting adjacent to your home's exterior or next to one of the interior walls that you will be repainting. Place some weighted items on the corners of each sheeting piece to keep the sheeting stabilized. Paint cans or other materials that are being used to complete the project can be used as the stabilizers.

Cover Materials That Are Being Transported

If furnishings are being moved out of your home during interior upgrades, plastic sheeting will protect fabric coverings from getting wet or dirty. Wrap several layers of sheeting around each piece of furniture.

If you have ever transported materials that were prone to weather damage and arrived at your destination just to find out that some of the items in your truck's bed were wet and slightly damaged, sheeting can be used during subsequent hauling occasions.

First, secure a layer of sheeting directly over materials that aren't weather-resistant. Use a drop cloth as an upper layer that will further protect items and keep them dry. The dual layer will act as a buffer and will ensure that your materials arrive in the same condition that they were in when you left your home.