3 Tips For Having Your Company's Borescope Repaired

18 February 2019
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If your company uses a borescope regularly and if you need to have the oil borescope repaired, then you could be unsure about everything to do and expect. Luckily, a few tips for having your company's borescope repaired have been listed here to help you with the entire process.

1. Have it Looked at for Free

First of all, with many companies that offer borescope repairs, you don't actually have to pay anything to have your borescope looked at. Instead, you can generally have your borescope looked at for free. Even if you aren't sure of whether or not there is something wrong with your borescope, it pays to have it looked at by a professional from time to time, particularly if it's getting older or if you have been putting it through heavy use. Since you can usually have it looked over and can find out more about what might be wrong with it and how much repairs will cost without having to pay anything, your business doesn't really have anything to lose.

2. Ask for OEM Parts to Be Used

Many people think about cars when they think about original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. However, it's not just a good idea to make sure that OEM parts are used when you're having a car repaired. When having your borescope repaired, it's a good idea to ask that OEM parts be used. Then, you can help make sure that good-quality parts are used for your borescope repairs, and you can help maintain any warranty that might be present on the borescope by using parts that would be recommended by the manufacturer. The good news is that in many cases, OEM parts are not even much more expensive than aftermarket parts, so asking for OEM parts to be used should not drive up the cost of your borescope repair very much.

3. Ask for a Rental While It's Being Repaired

If your company only uses a borescope occasionally, then you might be able to get by without your borescope while it's being repaired. If you rely on your borescope to run your business, however, you might be hesitant to give up your borescope for repairs. Many companies offer loaner and rental borescopes that can be used while your borescope is being repaired, however, and the cost is often affordable, particularly for those who are using the same service to have their borescope repaired.