Trying To Keep Raccoons And Bears From Toppling Stuff In Your Shed? Helpful Options

24 March 2018
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Living with raccoons and bears in your neighborhood means that you are constantly fighting a losing battle with overturned messes outside. If it is not the garbage cans, it is the shelving and contents of your garage or the shed. When does it stop? Can you do anything to make it stop? Well, actually, there are a few options that can help.

Teardrop Pallet Racking Systems

Yes, bears and raccoons can climb, but they are somewhat lazy creatures in that they would rather knock something over than climb it. Either way, there is no way bears or raccoons can knock over these racking systems. They are made to withhold thousands of pounds of stuff sitting on top of pallets.

The teardrop interlocking system also prevents the racking from being shoved over to the ground or being dismantled by any creature that does not have prehensile thumbs. Essentially, a bear would have to push up from underneath a racking shelf, while the raccoon pulls the shelf out of its interlocking holes, and that is quite unlikely. Since both animals are likely to view the climb as too much work, anything you put on the very top shelf of these racks has a much better chance of being left unharmed/untouched.

Lockable Cabinets

Another option is lockable cabinets. Metal ones are better, since they can resist some of the frontal assault by bear claws. If you buy the heavy duty plastic ones, you can at least ensure your garage against raccoons, since the raccoons would have to chew on the plastic all night just to create a small hole in the cabinets. Best advice? Buy the metal cabinets for outside the garage or inside the storage shed, and buy the plastic cabinets for your garage. Just be sure to lock everything up at night, and you are good to go.

Lock the Shed

Your garage already locks, and it is easy enough to close it up and lock it down with a remote while standing in your kitchen in your pajamas. The shed, on the other hand, is a different story. Buy a really strong lock that cannot be pulled off and is unreachable, even if the bear has really long claws or stands really tall on his/her hind legs.

Every time you open the shed for a reason, lock it back up again before you head into the house. If you make it habit, you will break the visiting habits of the bears and raccoons. The more deterrents you give these animals, the less they will visit you.