3 Reasons To Incorporate Bulk Bag Unloaders Into Your Operations

8 February 2018
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If you work with a lot of raw materials, such as seeds and grains, you need an easy way to remove them from their bags. Bulk bag unloaders can help you with this demanding chore. These innovative machines can provide your company with many benefits. 

Improved Efficiency

In the past, you had to physically unload bags carrying tons of raw materials. Not only was this a time-consuming process, it left you more susceptible to severe injuries. These shortcomings are circumvented when you use bulk bag unloaders, however.

They allow for continuous flow of raw materials, reducing the time it takes to unload each bag. This is paramount if you have hundreds of bags to work through. Additionally, these unloaders create a tight seal once the bag is secure. You don't have to worry about materials spilling out onto the floor and creating hazardous working conditions, subsequently. 

Various Frame Configurations 

There are several types of frame configurations you can select from for your bulk bag unloader. Split frames are one of the most popular designs as they allow forklifts easy access to these unloaders. Generally this design is ideal if you don't have a lot of headroom to work with in your building.

If you rely more on overhead cranes, you can select a hoistable frame. It enables you to hoist the entire bulk bag dispenser onto the unloader with extreme efficiency and safety. Whatever design you choose, make sure it works with your particular type of machinery. 

Added Durability 

Bulk bag unloaders have progressed so much in the past few years in terms of their durability. Now, you can get models made out of stainless steel. This material is resistant to warping and breaking down under extreme pressure, which you'll need when working with bags that weigh hundreds of pounds.

Stainless steel is also a material that's very easy to maintain. It's not prone to scratching or rusting over time. All you need to do in terms of maintenance is spot-clean areas that get dirty throughout the work day. Unloaders made out of carbon steel are also available if you want extra durability and support for your bags. 

If working with raw materials is a routine activity your company is involved in, you'll need a bulk bag unloader for extra safety and efficiency. As long as you choose the right design and size for your building, your operations should run smoothly.