Buying Scaffolding? Why You Should Consider Aluminum

31 October 2017
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Whether you are involved in construction, Roofing, painting, or window cleaning, you are going to need scaffolds for work. While you could use ladders, scaffolds are sturdier and safer. Unfortunately, they are also heavier, and take more time to set up. When you go shopping for scaffolding from a company like Advanced Scaffold Solutions, you should consider getting a set that is made of aluminum and here are just a few reasons why.


Aluminum scaffolding is much lighter than a set made of steel. This makes it more portable and easier to carry. It also means that you can build the set higher without having to worry about the weight being so much that the bottom piece begins to sink into the ground. If you need to create a suspended or swinging scaffold, the lighter weight means you will not need as many support lines and/or cables. In addition, if there is every any problem with the set and it leans against something, there is less of a chance of damage due to the weight.

Ease of Set Up

The lighter weight also makes it easier to erect the set. You won't have to struggle to get heavier, steel pieces in place. This type of scaffolding is usually designed to be put together without the need for any special tools. The pieces interlock in a way that keeps the set safe and stable. In addition, many pieces are jointed. This means that you can easily folded or unfolded, creating the exact size and form you need to reach the area you are working on.

Save Money

Aluminum scaffold pieces cost less than those made of wood or steel. You will also spend less on the labor needs to erect and dismantle the set at each job site. In addition, these sets can have wheels on the sides which allow them to be moved easily at the same location, saving even more on labor costs. The jointed pieces mean you can create the correct size and type of scaffold needed without having to buy extra pieces or use two sets together.

Any time you or your employees need to work above ground level, you are going to need a secure work area. A ladder may help you reach higher places, but does not give you room for tools or other equipment necessary to get the job done. Scaffolding not only provides you with a stable area to work, reducing the risk of you falling, it has ample room for what you need for the job. The folding pieces of aluminum scaffolds mean you can build a larger platform if necessary so everything will fit up there with you.