Keep Your Pool Clean

15 May 2017
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Circulating the water in your pool is one of the most important aspects of keeping your pool in good condition. You want to make sure that the circulation in your pool is one of your main concerns. The swimming pool pump that you purchase is going to be responsible for circulating the water in your pool. There are many reasons that it is important to have a good pump and thus have good circulation. This article is going to outline a few different ways to improve the circulation in your pool.

Find Your Dead Spots

There are going to be areas in your pool that do not have very good circulation. You will find that some of the more shallow areas of your pool may not have good circulation. Some other places that will have bad circulation will be near ladders and underneath the skimmers. For this reason, it is going to be very important that you brush your pool often. Most will say that you need to brush your pool at least once a week, but it is better if you can brush your pool more like twice a week. This is going to get all the algae and other debris off of the walls and into the filter.

Check Your Filters

You are going to want to make sure that the filters that are cleaning your pool are in good shape. A few things to keep in mind as you are cleaning the filters is that the pressure needs to be just right. If you have a clean filter then you are going to have the cleanest pool. If there is a lot of buildup in the filter then the pressure is going to go up, and it is going to be time to clean that filter. Many people also find that they miss the o-rings in their filter. You want to check the o-rings and ensure that they are getting a good seal.

Your Pump

The biggest player in the circulation of your pool is your pump. Without a good pump, you are not going to have good circulation in your pool. When you are shopping for pool pumps make sure that this is one area that you do not cut corners. You want to buy the most reliable pool pump that you can find for your type of pool. You will be glad that your pump is the very best that you can buy.   

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