Precision Plastic Welding For A Seamless Product

5 May 2017
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Not every business can get by with a quick welding request that "gets the job done" with strength and speed alone. To compete with top automakers, electronics designers and even the basic level of consumer interest, you need a team of professionals with sleek performance and precision tools. Aside from looking at past projects and assuming the best based on models, here is a bit of industry insight to interview your future business partners a bit more closely.

Camera Quality Control

For the past few decades, manufacturers used a technique called Infrared Welding (IW) to join different parts together. Automation is already an old and constantly improved practice, but it's not perfect; many businesses need to either take apart or somehow get under an already welded product to check the quality.

These samples are lost to profit because of their weakened integrity, and samples are just an estimate. It's a good estimate and good enough for most businesses across the world, but think about the potential problems. If you've ever picked up a product with a plastic shell that seemed to be warped or stressed at the seams, imagine how your clientele will feel if they run into a bad welding job for your product.

No matter how small the chance for error, industries can do better. A higher rate of sampling while reducing costs to the welding company equals a lower chance of bad product for you. This can be done with cameras, such as thermal imaging cameras that can inspect both the surface physical aspects and temperature effects of their tools on their products.

Innovation Through Tough Partnership

Quality control goes a long way, from making sure that the current product fits current specifications to discovering new, unseen problems and fixing them. Ask any company you intend to task with your product, and if they're not using cameras or a similarly impressive quality control process, push them to innovate.

No one says that you need to ditch a business immediately. The bleeding/cutting edge gets its name for a reason; top companies are those who figure out innovations, but who is to say that the company that picks up your next interest can't follow suit with even more innovations with the right suggestions.

As you look through plastic welding company options, keep techniques such as thermal camera quality control, ultrasonic tools, and innovative ways to weld previously incompatible thermoplastics in mind. Contact a plastic welding professional at a company like MGM Plastics and keep an open mind while demanding that your product be a part of their increasing quality of excellent design.