Choosing The Right Drop Hitch Trailer For A Lifted Truck

3 March 2017
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When you need to haul large loads, having a drop hitch installed on your truck allows you to easily and safely perform this task. However, this statement is only considered true when you have the right drop hitch installed, making the selection process important. To add to this, the hitch you choose is particularly important when your truck has been lifted. Here are some tips you can apply to help you make your selection.

Sizing Requirements

When choosing a drop hitch for a truck that has not been lifted, there is little consideration in terms of the size of the hitch and you can generally fair well with any standard sized drop hitch. With a lifted truck, this isn't the case. You first need to consider the height of the truck in its lifted state.

The higher the truck, the greater the size of the drop hitch you will need in order to safely accommodate the trailer you plan to haul. If you fail to size appropriately, the front of the trailer won't properly rest on the ground, leading to a major safety concern.

Material Design

Consider the type of material the hitch is designed from. For this selection, what types of loads you plan to haul is the most important factor to consider. The heavier the load, the more durable the material you want to look for.

For instance, for someone who plans to regularly haul heavy loads, a hitch designed with a thick reinforced steel plate is going to be a stronger option than an aluminum plate hitch. Even if you aren't looking to haul particularly heavy loads, a steel plate will likely offer a longer lifespan.

Trailer Configuration

One factor some people fail to consider is the makeup of their trailer, in terms of the hitch style. Some common options include pintle, hook, and loop hitches. The configuration of the drop hitch needs to be accommodating of the configuration of the hitch on the trailer. If not, you simply won't be able to connect the two.

While you can choose a drop hitch specifically designed for the hitch style of your trailer, it's generally a greater investment to choose a versatile drop hitch that can be configured to match a variety of different hitch styles.

Think of the drop hitch as an investment -- an investment you want to get the most out of. Ensure you're taking your time to find a drop hitch suited to meet your specific needs. Contact a company like Geny Hitch to learn more.