Building Your Own Baby Crib: 3 Features To Look For When Choosing Steel Casters

28 December 2015
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If you're a parent welcoming one of the approximately 4 million babies that are born each year into this world, you definitely want to spend the months before childbirth preparing for your little one. In particular, you may spend a lot of time picking out suitable clothing, toys and other essentials like baby cribs. If you can't find what you're looking for in stores, building your own baby crib will be the next best option. Read More 

Finalizing Product Designs: 3 Advantages Of Opting For Cold Rolled Steel Rather Than Hot Rolled Steel

23 December 2015
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With the high success rate of a project being fully funded on sites like Kickstarter reaching 36.75%, more and more people are willing to tap into their creative minds in order to invent products and creations they believe will make a difference. If you believe you have an amazing product idea that would be hugely successful, you'll have to first design a prototype to show investors what they'll be investing in. Read More 

4 Tips For Clearing The Most Junk Out Of Your House

22 December 2015
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Clutter seems to accumulate in houses and homes all the time. Cleaning up a home can free a lot of space, make your home feel more open, and prevent the property from becoming an example of terrible hoarding. The idea of cleaning out your home and getting rid of junk may seem good, but actually getting it done can be a hassle. Use the following four tips will help you clear out as much junk as possible. Read More 

Understanding How To Identify Compressed Air Leaks

21 December 2015
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Leaky air compressors can leave you struggling with insufficient air when you need it the most. It can also lead to increased energy consumption and cost, because the compressor will run more often. To avoid problems like this, it's important that you're attentive to the risk of leaks with your equipment. Air compressor leaks are usually identified with the use of a compressed air leak detector as part of a routine compressed air audit. Read More